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All New Web UZZAP!

Best part of the day: Proud to finally announce the beta release of the ALL NEW Web UZZAP! Faster, looks even Better, Greater and much Smarter! Try it & contribute to the ongoing community reviews!

OVER 1.4 MILLION ACTIVE users and growing!

WHAT IS UZZAP? (Taken from Uzzap’s Official Facebook Pages):

UZZAP is the first all – in – one messenger service for your mobile phone! It is also available to download on your PC or access it through the web application at http://uzzap.com/ , all you need is an internet connection.

UZZAP uses your data or GPRS connection through your mobile phone to go online, it’s FREE for SMART subscribers, so you can stay connected 24/7!
Once logged on, you can start enjoying UZZAP features and services, such as:

1. Extended Messaging (EM): send messages to your UZZAP buddies! (If an UZZAP buddy is offline, your messages would automatically convert into an SMS, so your buddies will always receive your messages!)

**NOTE: Standard Rates apply when you Reply to an SMS message (Php 1.00)

2. Group Chat: enjoy chatting with your UZZAP buddies in private in your own room!

3. Instant Messaging (IM): connect to you YM or MSN or Chikka or Gtalk account and see all your buddies!

4. Post TWITTER TWEETS from any of your Uzzap applications!

5. Chatrooms: Enjoy chatting & meeting new people, grow your social network with over a 1000+ UZZAP chatrooms!

6. User Generated Chatrooms (UGC): Create your own chatroom!

7. Share Media: Send & receive picture messages from your phone or PC!

8. Invite Buddies: Increase your UZZAP buddy list by adding them through your phonebook, user-id, or mobile number!

9. AUTO Buddy Matching: UZZAP automatically adds your contacts on your phonebook who are already UZZAP users to your buddy list!

10. Themes: Enjoy various themes on your phones & personalize your UZZAP!

** See FAQ’s ; Quick-start Guide & Quick Tips for more details & information.**

TEXT UZZAP TO 7272 or go to http://uzzap.com/download NOW!!!
or use in http://uzzap.com/
Enjoy UZZAP’s Services & Discover More New Features to Come!


I am quite amazed by the COMMUNITY BUILDING activities the Uzzap Chatters have been conducting. It is evident with the UZZAP Clans that have been established by these people. Most clans make themselves known by flooding. (X_+) and apparently, since they would mostly abide when a moderator tells them so, they have earned the UZZAP Showdown Rooms where they can exhibit their flood art. The most popular clans are:

  • Shadows
  • – I think they specialize in dancing text art.

  • R.!.P
  • – They invented SYNCHRONIZED flooding with color schemes. (Link to R.!.P Friendster Account)

  • [BOMB]/Bombards
  • – The first UZZAP Clan ever. Their flood is systematic as well and I guess they specialize in firepower related text arts. 😀 (Link to BOMBS Friendster Account)

  • KFU
  • – Bunch of nice people. Their flood look like some tribal patterns. (Link to their KFU Multipy account)

  • H20
  • – They kinda do some synchronized flooding (not so original) but what I like about them is that their names are always Clan-name related (Ex: Drift, Drip, Aqua, Hydrone, Ice, Flow, Rain, Splash). Apparently they don’t shut up in the presence of moderators and sadly, they get banned often.

  • CFA
  • – Most people describe them as “magulo” which means “sloppy”. I kinda agree. But most of them are nice and welcoming and they also produce some good stuff. (Link to CFA Friendster Account)

  • 4th Bat
  • – These people are the best-mannered. 😀 They have a thing for text LINE ART. (Link to 4th Bat Friendster Account)

And of course, we have the….



This is the very thing that keeps me busy!

Checkout Uzzap’s official website now!

Let’s Uzzap about Sports

I am posting this as a bridge to my past and present entries.

So yes, Boston became NBA Champs as Predicted and my Paul Pierce became MVP as expected except that the Celtics actually made garbage time on the Lakers and made Special Attendance at the Pacman-Diaz Match last week wherein Pacman practically killed his opponent early in round 2 and finished though in the 8th.

Aside from that, UEFA EURO 2008 finals champion Spain finally does it after 24 years, now on the account of loser Germany who had an early land on the top. 1-nil just proves a tough match though, similar to this 5-set heart-pounding victory by new king Rafael Nadal over the 5-time-reigning ex-champ Roger Federer in this years Wimbledon Men’s Final

In local Sports, well, NCAA kicks off. 😀

See one of its official journalists’ blog

Now….. What is Uzzap!?

It’s the most amazing messenger in the world for extended messaging that also includes:

– IM to Yahoo and MSN
– What they call E-SMS
– Email!
– Unique Chatrooms
– Auto-Buddy-Matching (Common contacts on mobile phones who become Uzzap users automatically become buddies).
– Themes
– and More!

Visit the Official Website at uzzap.com.
Text “uzzap” to 7272 for Smart subscribers
Or download directly on uzzap.com/download on your mobile and PC. 😀