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In Honor Of A Young Hero

On March 11, 2009,

6 People went for a swim. There was a sudden tidal rush, and the underwater current dragged down even those who could swim. 3 people were able to make it to shore to get help. The other three who were left are me, and my everdearest cousin, Kuya Ec (Eric) and my little nephew, Baby Vaughn, whom Ec lifted up from the water up to his last unsought breath, and that was the last time I saw him – not dying, but on his final act of living… sacrificing his own life to save another… How Baby and I survived was a miracle performed by God, with the sacrifice of my cousin, a hero.

Kuya Ec died that day, a hero, an angel at 26 years old. Baby Vaughn celebrated his 6th birthday on March 17, 2009.

Thank you so much Kuya Ec, for being a hero even when you were still alive… You have not died in vain, and your story will always be light that would guide us towards you, who have joined our Heavenly Father.

Thank you so much Dear Lord, for securing a place for our beloved Kuya Ec in your Kingdom… and for giving the 5 of us who remained, a chance to do more good on Earth. All glory and honor are yours forever…

Book of Wisdom 3:1-9

But the souls of the just are in the hand of God, and the torment of death shall not touch them.
In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure was taken for misery:
And their going away from us, for utter destruction: but they are in peace.
And though in the sight of men they suffered torments, their hope is full of immortality.
Afflicted in few things, in many they shall be well rewarded: because God hath tried them, and found them worthy of himself.
As gold in the furnace he hath proved them, and as a victim of a holocaust he hath received them, and in time there shall be respect had to them.
The just shall shine, and shall run to and fro like sparks among the reeds.
They shall judge nations, and rule over people, and their Lord shall reign for ever.
They that trust in him, shall understand the truth: and they that are faithful in love shall rest in him: for grace and peace is to his elect.

We love you so much kuya!

I play a nocturne but the pain doesn’t go away…
The words are broken with so much I want to say
Every time I feel alone
I just look up in the sky and see you smiling down on me
Thoughts of you make me feel better even if I cry… even if I cry…

You are a hero and I will not mourn how you died
You are a hero and I will celebrate your life
No sweeter way to go than when you laid down your life for love
Take mine with you… See you at the crossroads… See you at the crossroads…

I want to be home with you just a little longer
To appreciate those times then I will be stronger,
Stronger as I believe in God’s will
In his time, we will surely heal…
Thoughts of you make me feel better even if I cry…

You are a hero and I watched you transcend into light…
You are a hero and I couldn’t stop you, when you gave your life…
And from every heart touched, from every life moved in one or another.

2 responses

  1. Now I know the story Xhelli.. I deeply understood its meanings.. Is it him above? the one in the picture?
    Very Brave man.. I hope I can be an Angel to like your Kuya.. Its the greatest life achievement of a man of honor and everything.. “To serve and protect whoever needs me to sacrifice my life for my duty..”..
    What I can say into your Kuya is this Xelli.. this is my most favorite among all Rizal’s sayings..

    “(You) I shall not wholly die;
    (your) my body may turn to dust, but
    (your) my works will lasts forever”

    God Bless Xhelli.. Take Care.. 😉

    13. May 2009 at 07:03

    • Thank you for your insights Eyric 😀 It’s xILLy. 🙂 The key here is to live for God. 🙂 I am glad this story inspires you as it is meant to be. God bless!

      18. May 2009 at 01:41

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