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I am quite amazed by the COMMUNITY BUILDING activities the Uzzap Chatters have been conducting. It is evident with the UZZAP Clans that have been established by these people. Most clans make themselves known by flooding. (X_+) and apparently, since they would mostly abide when a moderator tells them so, they have earned the UZZAP Showdown Rooms where they can exhibit their flood art. The most popular clans are:

  • Shadows
  • – I think they specialize in dancing text art.

  • R.!.P
  • – They invented SYNCHRONIZED flooding with color schemes. (Link to R.!.P Friendster Account)

  • [BOMB]/Bombards
  • – The first UZZAP Clan ever. Their flood is systematic as well and I guess they specialize in firepower related text arts. πŸ˜€ (Link to BOMBS Friendster Account)

  • KFU
  • – Bunch of nice people. Their flood look like some tribal patterns. (Link to their KFU Multipy account)

  • H20
  • – They kinda do some synchronized flooding (not so original) but what I like about them is that their names are always Clan-name related (Ex: Drift, Drip, Aqua, Hydrone, Ice, Flow, Rain, Splash). Apparently they don’t shut up in the presence of moderators and sadly, they get banned often.

  • CFA
  • – Most people describe them as “magulo” which means “sloppy”. I kinda agree. But most of them are nice and welcoming and they also produce some good stuff. (Link to CFA Friendster Account)

  • 4th Bat
  • – These people are the best-mannered. πŸ˜€ They have a thing for text LINE ART. (Link to 4th Bat Friendster Account)

And of course, we have the….