*a constant parallactic paradox, sublime*


I have decided to finally make a separate blog solely for my poetry and the poetry of those close to my soul. It’s all there in Xonnette*Soul… Be mused…


Meanwhile, I am not removing my previous posts here.


* Deconstructing Cinderella (Warning: Not Suitable for Little Girls)

…And they flatter happily ever after. Here are the non-moral lessons: ….

* Face Up

Conquer all your deaths….

* Giving Up

Giving up – is nothing but a statement man would use to confuse his soul….

* The Petrified Void

an ancient horror for remembrance..

* A Little Less In Vain

…Paint half his face with sunlight….

* Blasphemy Through Silence

…Ennui is offspring to a fool and his continuity They make such a horrid family….

* Leaving The Moon

…A road turn that turned new art old…

*Three Steps

…found myself in prayer. The elements cast our heads bowed..-

* Some Kind of Funeral

…The maggots, And the geniuses in ghost-disguise….

* This Inevitability (Alternate Title: Uninvited Eternity – xyldrae.deviantart.com)

It unstalks death and prolongs THE SACRIFICE CALLED ‘LIFE’…

* True Joys (Alternate Title: Not A Rant But A Truth – xyldrae.deviantart.com)

I want relaxing joys… Joys that aren’t achieved over tremendous pressure.

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