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Looking Up By Looking Down


Looking Up By Looking Down, originally uploaded by valkyrjaxoul.

Who says you’ll never see the sky if you’re looking down? Haven’t you heard? God is everywhere and He makes all things work for the good of those who love Him.

(Photo taken along the water falls in Mt. Balagbag, Philippines)

The only way you could have convinced yourself that I’m a pessimist is by being one yourself.

The only freedom you’ll ever need
Is freedom from yourself.

The sweetest thing a person can do to you
is to do the sweetest thing to you and then do you wrong. Right?

… and when all you claim to need to live
is to have my world revolve around you,
live for you,
I find it very unnecessary to die for you.

You don’t really have to give me the whole damn world when I’ve spent my entire life in struggle so now I am apart from it.

And of course, you will never understand if you don’t listen first.

How can a person respond to a person who’s asking for something you’ve already given, and given in its best form?

Some actions would appear and come to you like an assault of flying daggers, but if your heart can only see the intentions behind them… you’d know you were never the target.

If you so believe in choice, why do you call yourself a slave of circumstance?

Life is not like a box of chocolates these days. People seem to always know what they’re gonna get. And people seem to want to always know what they’re gonna get. Where are all the people who actually want to live???

You keep on looking at me like some sort of mirror. Is that why you’re breaking me?

You keep on looking at her like some sort of mirror. Is that why you keep trying to break her?

You keep on looking at him like some sort of mirror. Is that why you love him?

Do you know how the uneducated take opinionated news? Of course you do! It clearly shows in your opinions.

Okay…. If you want me to be “Marcia f****** Braidy” all you have to do is carry on with your fantasy whilst I live my life in the real world. Kindly excuse me.

How typical our response to anger is…. Aren’t you all bored with that?

Taking responsibility and being responsible are two different actions. It’s nice to have them come together…

What if? What if? What if? Are you a fool to obsess with making me think like you? No thanks, but I am truly grateful for what is, what is, what is, what was, what was, what was, and what will, what will, what will. And for someone who doesn’t bother to know the difference, just dismiss yourself on your own accord, then I’ll be glad to finally talk.

You make it sound right. 😉 Take a hint! Good luck!

He is a hero because he died saving someone else’s life. He’s human and divine because he had the heart to make that choice.

Everyone is a victim in any story. We just miss the fact that the antagonist is not among us and that the obvious solution and mission is co-existence which can only be achieved through love.

If it’s not pride, why does it overlook everything it tramples on?

“How do you kill a thing that has already died?” – Lonesome Minstrel
Give it life then kill it again.

Love… love… love…. why are people so obsessed with what it’s not?

Come to think of it…. let me just end this by telling you, I love you. 🙂

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