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“Don’t let your past define you” is poorly phrased in the powerful mind of a Warrior Queen.

This is a shoutout to everyone going through battles, no matter how big or small, those with a dark past, and present… those who are to avoid a dark future… whether you are diagnosed with PTSD or not, to those who aren’t honest to themselves, to those who need help and those who can’t even self-help. For those who are afraid to address issues that haunt them. Those who are scared to open up.

2018-11-06 12_32_54-Ariane Pearl Hoekstra

To my dear Ariane, I’ve witnessed how your Love for God and your faith keeps you happy and even more glorious in His Path. Thank you for letting me share this here. I love you always!

Mayon Volcano Eruption – Jan 2018



Here you can mark yourself safe or help those who are affected or check on your family or friends in Albay.

“an estimated 40,000 residents (~8,300 families) have fled their homes in the Philippines for a safer location. While local authorities shut down some government operations and schools, it faces a shortage of emergency funds. The province is waiting for federal financial assistance in order to evacuate more residents and coordinate emergency management teams.”

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou #savealife

A hold-up with 4 stabs nearly killing Chito Ochave Cortes, puts the world at risk of losing another good soul. He is the breadwinner of his family and one to always put others needs before his own. Now it is him who needs help and I am reaching out to anyone who could. Any help, monetary and prayers, would be greatly appreciated by many. Let us help one another, for we are born capable of doing so, and in doing so, we make the world, bit by bit, a better place.

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Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015 (as seen from Dortmund, Germany on September 28)

He appeared first perfectly bright and round, while all the stars gathered like an audience from the other side… He was a perfect view from our balcony, with the sun´s spotlight amplified for the upcoming show… We are part of it… Our Mother Earth´s shape is cast beautifully on him, deepening the soulful stares that let his shadow-kissed surfaces blush to a blood red liveliness. As these celestial bodies continue to dance more stunningly, our senses are heightened and overjoyed. When we moved to our room to finally sleep, so did he, prompting me to take pictures of the Earth´s shadow´s most graceful exit before I sleep… It felt good to be part of the Dance and this even made me feel more connected to God… I am overwhelmed with gratitude for His Love and Art. ❤

Now I really believe in blood red moons. I wish I can capture it well but this is the best I can do. Hope those who wanted to see it but couldn´t can take pleasure in these.

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(The images are displayed in reverse order to feature the Red phase first)