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PHP Essentials

Learn PHP quick! Here are the php elements and functions which I find essential in developing applications with PHP.

Basic Syntax

echo “hello world”;

The output would be:

hello world


Variables are represented by a dollar sign ($) and does not require type declaration.

$a = “this is a string”;
$b = 1;
$c = 2;
$d = $b + $c;
echo $d . ” is an integer” . “<br>”;
echo $a;

The output would be:

3 is an integer

this is a string

Basic Conditions

Here are some of the most basic conditions:

$a = 1;
$b = 2;
echo “a is equal to b” . “<br>”;
else if($a!=$b){
echo “a is not equal to b” . “<br>”;
if($a>=$b) or $a==1){
echo “a is greater than or equal to b or a is equal to 1”;

The output would be:

a is not equal to be
a is greater than or equal to b or a is equal to 1

….Anyway, this is supposed to be a reference, not a tutorial. To really learn php, go to this site!

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