*a constant parallactic paradox, sublime*


I curse blindness for being the only one who saw

I curse sweetness for being bitter the most

I curse fortitude that brought me to my fall

And I curse softness that inflicted crooked stillness,

Who inflicted pestilence, fierce and massive

I curse reality for being so fake

And I curse curses for cursing back at me

To end up desolate for what I’m fed up with…

To claim victory over my own defeat…

To wake up still in perennial slumber,

Drifting off to surrealism wide awake…

To think of thinking when the mind has only emptiness

All to end up knowing that you do not know

(I omitted the last lines!)

I am the true author of this poem. Paradox was first published in Heraldo Filipino, the Official Publication of De La Salle University – Dasmarinas (DLSU-D) Palad vol.4. Credits are at the back part of the booklet where you will find my name as author to this poem and many others. To those who have plagiarized it, stop faking your poor soul or you’ll never grow!

In the link below, I have found a post titled “Paradox on a Summer” which contains half of my “Paradox” and half of another poem of mine called “Quarry” :

More proof of this authorship? Ask the Lasallians! These are are archived in the DLSU-D Library. Checkout the list of most of my published articles in My Heraldo Filipino Articles.



Her Friendster Profile which, if this URL has changed, means she had already acted on her guilt. (X_+)

View Image of the poor soul…

6 responses

  1. jp

    dya have a ‘suspect’? i might have an idea who she is… πŸ˜€

    30. April 2008 at 15:37

  2. Who do you think she is? SHE??? Oh well, let me know.

    2. May 2008 at 01:10

  3. C


    9. May 2008 at 00:31

  4. unfortunately the account is still active.. lol.
    i hate plagiarizers 😦

    27. February 2009 at 07:55

    • ya… I personally sent her a message. she did not reply. just deleted her blog. (X_+)

      20. March 2009 at 06:58

  5. ~~yeah~~

    ~~thats the spirit~~

    ~~being an artist is gift~~

    ~~they may stole your work~~

    ~~but not ur wisdom and knowledge~~

    ~~keep on moving~~

    God speed

    16. June 2009 at 11:27

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