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Excerpts from A Conversation Between Two Bored Programmers

Programmer 1: Recursive iteration of mundane functions won’t make sense until it breaks out from a statement.

Programmer 2: I guess I just have to figure out what that statement is then.

Programmer 1: Correct 😀

Programmer 2: Unless I made that statement, then I’d have to figure out why the conditions aren’t met.

Programmer 1: Nyahahaha

Programmer 2: But how do you know if there’s something wrong in the statement or just something missing in the iteration…?

Programmer 1: There are 3 signs. The bad is having a lot of multiple warnings maybe from logs, system out, or even from friends :D. The WORSE is a lot of thrown errors and exceptions. WORST still is it has NO signs, and your program life cycle is just looping endlessly because you activated a TRAP method signature :S then you must type “kill all !@#$%^” este “kill all “