*a constant parallactic paradox, sublime*

Aging in Roma By Noel Jacob

Noel Jacob

Lunged out by antique awe
Notion that fossilized my Roman gait
Cannot by cobblestones acquire
Not even if Rafaello or Michelangelo
Brush me a smile a parsec long

My prayers boom past San Pietro’s ears
Colossal and pompous Basilicas muff in vain
Cacophony drowned by Colleseo’s
Off Amalfi’s aged rocks echoe past my strides
More am i far ruined and ancient than Pompeii’s ash

Your warmth is dead cold in Roman spring
Not unlike the Pieta swarmed by Papal’s faith
And distance by passionate memories stretch
In catacombs i feel am i in residence ungauged

In Roma aging fast
She is too scarred a moment for us to spare
The awe and awed her rubbles bury both
Both my longings are untimed and foretold
Not even the Pantheon’s marvel and marble my thoughts entomb
Sans resurrection after days three or even three eons hence…

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