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Photo Manipulation

Starring Face Up….

Note the the following literature succeeding ‘Face Up’ are not related to the Images that go with it. πŸ˜€ And as for the poetry, their not exactly unique bits of my soul so I don’t mind plagiarizers at this point, though they will always be pitiful. There are some typographical errors along the way and I don’t have the time to copy edit. Some images are also do not have neat finishing coz they’re mostly scribbles in a hurry. Enjoy anyway!

Face Up

Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Face Up

Conquer all your deaths,
face up.
No matter how rotten you are by the flesh,
your dignified soul will fly...
People will think of you this way-
But you are not a slave of your mold.
The real you is all out and untouchable.
Know that as you wither,
you grow... freed of soul-cage...
So conquer .
Live up.

Gimp Trip

My first real photo manipulation using GIMP in Ubuntu Linux -(Fiesty Fawn)


Still gimp

I feel empty without the pain of love I knew;
I don't feel good enough with the better thing that's new
..Is it?
I would rather not weep but feel,
than shed a few shallow tears and not be tormented;
I ache to be whole,
not to be partly at ease.

Struck, Tripped and Fallen on Sullen Ground

Still gimp Giving Up
Giving up - is nothing
but a statement man would use to confuse his soul.
You only succeed in giving up...
When you have finally ceased to care,
to love,
...even one bit,
and you will not!
So far beyond your doom - most undesireable,
Understand why tears actually shine,
...and touch you whole,
even in the dark..
They are not telling the world of your pain...
but of the light that transcends from your heart..

Exchanging Creativity

I don't know what version of photoshop she used.

My friend Melody and I exchanged artworks. Here's what I got from her:

I wanna be a Plant

The Petrified Void

Haha the ancient adobe photoshop 7.0

Maybe because she's all dead..
grieving melancholy bitter...
Still tears, entrapped as they shatter...

Maybe because she's all gone,
after some obsolete appearance..
madness in existence..
an ancient horror for remembrance..
All throughout a petrified void..
Still lost but stolen - a forlorn
though she drowns in a crowd as a good earthly meal -
a societal spice not one of many....
But the rare imposibility, is she?

Is there even a word you can modify to closely fit her?

Maybe because she's dead not vitally....
yet she suffers indescribably....

Sharp Un Witty

still gimp!

Just playin' around...

A Tale of Two Split Schizoids

the ancient 7.0

I guess that means....
8 or more!

Female Hisoka

One of my oldest... you know what software I used.
This Inevitability!

What is this raging torment that engulfs within to wither...
What is this inevitability!
Mus I always suffer?
Ever so depriving eventhough there's nothing more of me
To steal!
To covet!
How long this mourning?!
Must I ache forever,
Must I cry out these massive bursts of negativity
And search for tears to define pain - human!?
No, this pain is beyond human..
It unstalks death and prolongs
Must I shatter more and more though I am nothing whole?!
Let it end!!!
Free my lungs, shut my eyes
And freeze them against the burning needles of inverted tears!
Clean my heart, untouch my soul...
Pity me, oh torment, Leave me be...

Wrath of the Damned

This was a really good photo to begin with. The editing was more on contrast alone with the ancient ap7.0

Nothing. Just looking like Aaliyah, and complicating her death and life in me.

Yehey! I'm a konoha Ninja

MS PAINT! Kidding! Photoshop 7.0 obviously. Technique here is just to merge various filters so that the digital prints and the actual photo become one.

Yes, I'm an avid Naruto fan!


1-AdobePhotoshop CS2; 2&3-Gimp

My exchange pieces with Mark.
See 'Uhaw pa sa Camel' in my links.

The Original Art Work before the one will dull scribbled red hair

True Joys

Excerpts from a Conversation:
I want relaxing joys...
Joys that aren't achieved over tremendous pressure.
I want those that come in pearce,
in kindness freely given,
in love....
I want joy that does not demand a price or sacrifice...
I want that plain emotion from time to time....

My exchange piece with Lhoody.


She did better with that chicmag style above

I'm tired of publishing this! To be continued!...or not!

3 responses

  1. doc

    siempre no 1 kong favorite yung pics ko! hehehehe… i like your poems, astig!

    6. June 2008 at 10:07

  2. Thanks! You should see the not-okay-to-be-plagiarized ones. πŸ˜€

    10. June 2008 at 01:37

  3. astig ang mga poems mo..galing mo tlg magsulat ng mga articles..

    8. August 2008 at 02:12

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