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A Short Letter to Fellow Uzzapmates

This is originally posted by Mark Documento (view blog: Uhaw Pa Sa Camel) in Facebook.
A Short Letter to Fellow Uzzapmates

It’s been a while since Uzzap started and I should say that it’s been a heck of a good ride so far. I’m one of those Uzzap users who tend to stay on the sidelines in so far as indulging in the Uzzap experience. But from the point of view of someone like me, it’s sometimes more enjoyable because you get to watch people interact with each other, share thoughts, get into online cat fights, create friendships and even develop serious relationships and deeper ties. I’ve seen youtube videos of “eyeball” gatherings, blog entries, forum discussions, “technical” web/wap sites, and online social networking groups bloom around Uzzap. Once in a while I even get up from the sidelines and indulge in the experience myself, not only to prevent putting myself in a hypocritical situation like writing this letter and not knowing what Uzzap really is all about, but also not to miss out on the fun that so many are already experiencing.

Yes, it’s been a heck of a one and a half years so far and I expect it to stretch even longer than that! This time, though, is a critical point for Uzzap because something that was at first only looming in the horizon has finally come. Something dreaded by so many has finally claimed that fear. Billing.

Having to pay for something worthwhile is not sad, it’s inevitable…or else that something just won’t be able to exist anymore. When I say worthwhile I mean not only worth the while of the consumer to “check it out if it’s okay”, but also worth the while of people who maintain the service to “check out that it’s doing well and good”. And yes, people do maintain Uzzap. Nameless, invisible and yet we feel their presence through their dedication. We feel that they are there when something that went wrong gets fixed. We feel them whenever a new version gets released. They are there. And what’s more, they also feel you and your frustrations. Whenever you don’t get that prized chatroom hello from ms. 23fmla, because it was claimed by a frozen chatroom, they feel your frustrations 10 times more. Whenever a flooder washes away mr. 25mcebu’s sweet whispers off your screen they feel your anger 30 times greater. Whenever a failed download prevents you from installing the latest kick-ass version, they feel your tears 60 times hotter. But it’s not just enough to feel. It’s more appropriate to take action, and that’s what the Uzzap team does. Action may not take effect right away but it’s there.

Before I get too patronizing, I’d like to get back to my point. This wave of melancholy over Uzzapdom is being felt by so many. But I’d like to believe that this is just a passing thing. Because for me, what’s really sad is when people who supported Uzzap through the tough times caused by flooders to network lags to haters to failed downloads should refuse to help it survive the rest of the growing pains. And when I say people, I mean you. We all know the free beer is not going to flow all the time. I am not one to decide whether 10 pesos is a big or small expense because I am not in charge of your pockets. But if it’s not too much to ask, your continued presence if at least in the chatrooms is a very big deal already. Uzzap needs you. There will always be problems but solving them won’t matter much any more if you are not there. As for billing, well, that’s just part of the reality that we have to accept. Just remember: it’s always worth the while of the Uzzap team to make sure that it’s worth your while to part with your ten pesos.

Best regards,

Mark Doc
31 m lpc