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Leaving The Moon and Art Night With Kids

By Xyldrae Diane Espineda Jacob and Xyljon Noel Maano Jacob

As the car turned they were
Leaving the moon…
Footprints of houses, homes
Carried by tenacious flesh at legs’ edges

A road turn that turned new art old…

Poet’s anatomy,
Rapid physics on perplex dimensions;
Star-written compositions of astronomy
Fashioned toward astrology…
Biology of souls
Biology out of bounds
Empathized chemistry…
Literature found…

Child or wanderer?
Or both? What do we know?

Howling breaths aside from taking them
Chants of the sufferers, slaves to Allure
Surfers of the unfamiliar
Surfaces of a fleeting rocket

Will an explosion occur?

It all began with leaving the moon…


While driving my sister Wanna and her son Baby Jon to buy milk, the moon hanged beautifully on a thicket of clouds and a shy gathering of stars rendered a calm night. On one turn Baby Jon uttered: “MOMMY WE’RE LEAVING THE MOON! WE’RE LEAVING THE MOON!”

The statement called for a literary unfolding.

It was art night when this poem was created. In my Valhalla the kids came. Baby Vaughn said “Tata Di can you teach me how to make a poem?”. Baby Jon said “Tata Di can I draw?” So both had their pens and empty sheets. One wrote. The other drew. Baby Vaughn was unable to complete his first poem because Erasure made him decide not. Yet him and I constantly paid attention to the 3-yr old’s drawings. On one piece Baby Jon explained: “These are footprints of dinosaurs and …. ” I didn’t hear clearly. Then Baby Vaughn fondly smiled and said “Are you nuts? Only dinosaurs and chickens and animals and people have footprints.” Then I asked the latter, “but isn’t that what Baby Jon said?”… Baby Vaughn said (with a facial expression that connotes some sort of amusement to his Baby brother):

“No. He said ‘footprints of dinosaurs and houses and chickens and dogs…”

Then we both giggled while the littlest was busy with his masterpiece. I told Baby Vaughn, “Footprints of houses! That’s some kind of Imagination- Houses ought to have feet to have footprints. I find that statement very poetic.” Of course, I could not teach this adjective (poetic), yet, to a 6yr-old. So I just told him to carry on with his poetry and use imagination in such a way.

And that is how I came up with the poem “Leaving The Moon”. So since I’m using Baby Jon’s metaphors… He’s technically co-author. πŸ˜€

Baby Vaughn finished his first two lines of “The Big Kingdom”:

by Xylvaughn David Gonzales Jacob

The Big Kingdom is a beautiful kingdom
Where joyful people have lots of freedom

So there goes his first rhyme.

Xylvaughn's First Digital Artwork

Copyrighted in xyldrae.deviantart.com